Los Angeles

Marijuana Dispensary

We believe that access to cannabis is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The medical benefits of cannabis are undisputed for pain relief, nausea, and many other side effects from traditional medication. We felt so strongly about this that we tried to sell medical cannabis back in 2013. However, our shop was constantly targeted by the authorities and we could not keep the doors open.


We’ve been helping Californians get relief with cannabis since 2013. It’s been a struggle to get this far, but thanks to full legalization in California we’re stepping up our efforts to get people the relief they need through cannabis.

While medicine is our focus, we also cater to the recreational community. We can help you find strains and products that can give you the right relief or the right experience you’re looking for from cannabis. Don’t worry if you don’t know the lingo or even how to use cannabis. We can help!



We want to do more than just sell cannabis to the public. We want to create a community of responsible cannabis users. The more that people are educated about the benefits of cannabis and have positive experiences with the drug, the less likely that this drug will ever become illegal again.

When we first started in 2013, the authorities did not like what we were doing. We had to close our Los Angeles shop. Now that cannabis is legal we want to continue bringing our dream to life. The staff members of NACCC+ are ready to take you on a tour of what cannabis has to offer. Come to our shop and see for yourself.


There are a huge variety of cannabis products on the market, so it’s no surprise that people are confused. Each product has its own benefits and uses. Our staff can tell you all about them and how to use them safely so you have a positive experience.

Our shop sells:

  • Vaping pods (specializing in Bloom One brands)
  • Fresh cannabis (“flower”)
  • Cannabis tinctures (including CBD oil)
  • Cannabis lotions and soaps
  • Edibles (gummy candies, drinks, etc.)
  • And much more

Medical users, we also have access to stronger products that are available only by prescription! Let us know your needs and we will point you to a product that has the right CBD and THC ratios you need for relief.


Do you sell recreational and medicinal marijuana?

Our dispensary is authorized to sell both recreational and medicinal marijuana. There is no difference between the two except strength. Some medical users need especially potent strains of marijuana to control their symptoms. But don’t worry! Our recreational section has things that are quite potent.

What’s required for purchase?

You must have a state ID to purchase recreational products. For some products, you will need a state medical marijuana card. Tourists can use their state IDs, but must beware of taking cannabis outside of the state.

A medical marijuana card gives you greater access to products and you can buy and transport more cannabis in one sale. You also become eligible for some tax exemptions.

You must also be 21 or older to purchase UNLESS you have a medical marijuana card that authorizes you to purchase as a minor.

Will my insurance cover the costs?

Sadly, they will not. Until the federal marijuana laws get overturned, insurance companies would be held liable for helping with “drug trafficking” if they helped you pay for your cannabis purchase. NACCC+ is helping the fight to fix federal drug regulation so that more people can get access.

Please note that for similar reasons, all purchases must be in cash due to credit card laws.

How much can I purchase at one time?

The rules in California depend on if you’re a medical user or not. Here’s the breakdown:

Recreational users: 1 ounce of dried marijuana (flower), 8 ounces of concentrate

Medical marijuana users: 8 ounces of dried marijuana, 8 ounces of concentrate

Furthermore, there are THC limits. The recreational limit is 1,000 mg of THC per package.

The medical limit is 2,000 mg of THC per package.

What’s your store like?

It’s not like an old-fashioned head shop! It’s more like a cross between a pharmacy and a neighborhood bar. When you visit, we’ll verify your ID and/or medical marijuana card. Your name will be called when one of our staff members is free.

After that, you can talk to your “budtender” about cannabis and get product recommendations. We strive to keep our facility clean and professional. Come in and be surprised!

I’m housebound. Can someone else buy for me?

Only if you’re a medical user. The person picking up  your medicine must be registered as your primary caregiver under California’s medical marijuana program. They will get a card that identifies them as the caregiver. That will allow them to carry more cannabis and stronger cannabis than otherwise would be legal.

Alternatively, you can choose to get your cannabis delivered through Eaze.

If it’s legal everywhere, why shouldn’t I go to the black market?

All cannabis in California is tested before it goes for sale. Black market cannabis has no safety controls. Furthermore, the only place you can buy legally in California is from a licensed dispensary. There are over 10,000 in the state already!

If you buy outside of this system and the police get a record that you bought from an unlicensed source, you open yourself up to drug charges. Stay legal and give us a try instead!

Do you deliver?

There is a cannabis delivery app called Eaze that can ship some of our products. One of our employees will make the delivery to your door. We cannot offer all products through Eaze, so please confirm you can get what you want through the app.

I’m clueless about cannabis. Can you help a newbie?

We specialize in helping new people join the NACCC+. Most people are new to cannabis thanks to decades of prohibition. We will take the time to educate you about cannabis products so you can get the right one for your medical needs or recreational desires. We will teach you about safety as well.

What products do you carry?

Our main product lines include:

  • Vaping pods (specializing in Bloom One brands)
  • Fresh cannabis (“flower”)
  • Cannabis tinctures (including CBD oil)
  • Cannabis lotions and soaps
  • Edibles (gummy candies, drinks, etc.)
  • And more.