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Edibles Dosing: How To Know The Right Dose For Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are becoming more and more popular, and there are so many different options out there, including pre-made edibles you buy from stores or homemade edibles you prepare in your own kitchen.

But one of the big issues that a lot of people have is edibles dosing. It can be tricky to know the right edible dosage to take, and it can also be a challenge to figure out how much cannabis you get in the average edible dose.

In this edible dose guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about edibles dosing. We’ll go over how to dose edibles and look at some example doses of standard THC edibles to see what effects each edible dose can cause.

How to Dose Edibles?

Typically, doses of THC or CBD are measured in milligrams or mg, and it only takes a single mg or two for most people to feel some effects. Read on to learn more about edibles dosage.

How to Calculate the Right Dosage for a Homemade Edible?

If you want to work out dosages for your own homemade edibles, you have to first figure out how much THC is in the plant you’re using. You can then divide that number by 1000 to get the amount in each milligram.

Then, all you have to do is work out how many mg you want to include in the full recipe, and then divide the total by the number of servings to see how much THC is in each serving.

How Much of an Edible Should You Take the First Time?

If you’re just starting out, it’s best, to begin with, small doses, such as one or two THC or CBD gummies, for example, or a small piece of a brownie. This allows you to monitor your body’s reaction and build up to bigger doses later on.

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Is There a Maximum Dose for Cannabis Edibles?

Most users should be able to get sufficient effects from doses up to 50mg. It’s possible to take more than this, up to and over 100mg, but the effects will get progressively more severe and there are also higher risks of side effects if you take too much, so it’s best to find your own limit and stop there.

Edible Dosing Guide: How to Determine Dosing in Edibles

As you can see, figuring out the right edible dosage isn’t always easy, and the truth of the matter is that the right edible dose can vary from person to person. To help you find the right dosage to suit your needs, we made this simple edible mg chart.

Below, you’ll see some example edibles mg dosage amounts, ranging from 1mg of THC gummy dose all the way up to 100mg, along with the typical effects for each one. This should help you understand what each cannabis dosage can do and help you choose an appropriate dosage.

1 – 2.5 mg THC edibles

1 to 2.5 total mg is often recommended as the best starter dose for people who are new to the world of marijuana edibles. With this kind of dosage, you should be able to start noticing some mild effects, such as a general feeling of positivity, higher levels of focus, reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as light pain relief.

This is a good dose for beginners. It gives you a chance to let your body’s endocannabinoid system get used to the interactions with THC edibles, and it gives you time to see and feel the effects of this kind of cannabis product with minimal risks of any unwanted side effects.

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10 mg THC edibles

Once you get up to 10mg, the effects of edibles start to become more pronounced and noticeable. At this kind of dosage, for example, you may start to feel stronger relief from things like pain, worry, stress, and anxiety. You may also feel happier and even euphoric, but you may notice some impairment in your perception and concentration.

This could be a recommended dosage for someone who wants to enjoy the recreational use of edibles, as well as people who want to use edibles to manage issues like anxiety or mild aches and pains, like back pain. It can also help people get to sleep more easily.

20 mg THC edibles

Around 20mg and above is when THC edibles really start to cause strong effects in terms of a person’s perception, coordination, and general mental state. This kind of dosage may produce a feeling of intense euphoria, but it can also cause some negative side effects and drastically impair a person’s levels of perception.

In general, 20mg is a dosage that is best reserved for people who have a lot of experience with edibles and already have quite a high tolerance to THC. This kind of dosage can also be used with the likes of CBD oil and CBD gummies as a CBD dosage if you already have a high tolerance to CBD in general.

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50 – 100 mg THC edibles

Now, we’re getting up to the highest doses that a person might take. When you consume anywhere from 50 to 100mg of THC edibles, you may experience a wide range of unpleasant side effects, including, but not limited to, nausea, aches, and a faster heart rate, as well as severely impaired levels of coordination.

In general, this kind of THC edible dosage should only be consumed by people who have a lot of experience with THC and a high level of tolerance. It may also be recommended for people who have a history of medical cannabis use and those who are living with severe health conditions like chronic pain problems or cancer.

What’s the Right THC Dosage For You?

Ultimately, finding the right dose for you will depend on several factors, like your medical status, your history of cannabis usage, and the effects you want to feel. It’s always best to start off small with edibles and build up gradually to give your body time to get used to the effects. A good marijuana dispensary should have expert staff who can help you. Contact our dispensary to learn more.