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T-Break: How to Reset THC Tolerance

If you’ve been consuming cannabis products for quite a while, you may find that the effects gradually seem less strong over time. If you’ve ever wondered why this happens, it’s because your body naturally builds up THC tolerance over time.

This happens with medications and other substances, too, and the body’s cannabis tolerance levels will naturally rise over time, especially in someone who is a regular consumer or someone who uses quite high amounts of cannabis products.

If this happens to you, a T break, or tolerance break, might be the best course of action. As the name suggests, a tolerance break is a period in which you give your body a break from cannabis in order to effectively “reset” your THC tolerance levels.

Read on through our guide to learn what a T break is, how it works, and how you can do your own tolerance break, too.

What Is a Tolerance Break?

Tolerance is quite a confusing issue, and even scientists aren’t sure exactly how it works. What we do know that is the body builds up certain tolerance levels, like marijuana tolerance or CBD tolerance, over time.

This may lead to changes in the endocannabinoid system, which is what triggers the effects of cannabis consumption, like pain relief. So, when you have a high tolerance, your body’s endocannabinoid system may not trigger those same effects you’re used to as strongly.

This is where the concept of the tolerance break comes into play. Since tolerance builds up with regular use, a marijuana tolerance break time basically gives your body some time away from cannabis to reset and reduce your cannabis tolerance back to lower levels.

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How T Breaks Work?

It is believed that as the body builds up a tolerance, receptors in the endocannabinoid system become less reactive or even decrease in number. But when you take a break, those receptors reactivate and return, bringing your marijuana tolerance levels back down.

According to research, this can happen in as little as two days. So, cannabis users wanting to take a break simply have to stop using cannabis for a couple of days. During that time, the endocannabinoid system has a chance to rest and reset.

Then, when you use cannabis again after your T break, you should feel like the effects are more noticeable, stronger, and longer lasting. This applies to all forms of cannabis, too, so your edible tolerance levels and smoking tolerance levels should both reset after a break.

After that, if you continue consuming, your body will develop a tolerance all over again, but another break can be used to reset your system.

How Do I Know if I Should Take a Tolerance Break?

The main sign that should let you know that the time is right for a break is if you feel like cannabis products simply aren’t producing the same effects anymore. This is a sure sign that your tolerance levels are high and need resetting. You should also consider a break if you’ve been taking cannabis in higher and higher amounts in order to feel the effects.

How Long of a T Break Is Needed for Cannabis?

In terms of length, as explained earlier on, a break of just two days can suffice for some people in terms of resetting their tolerance levels. You may, therefore, wish to consider taking a 2-day break every month or so, just to give your body a chance to rest and reset.

However, for heavier users, this may not suffice. You might need an even longer break of several days or even weeks. Some users may even need a full month-long marijuana tolerance break time to build their tolerance back.

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How to Reset Your Tolerance?

If you want to reset your tolerance levels, the best option is to take a break. You can start off with a small break and then see how you feel, or opt for a longer one. During break time, avoid consuming any cannabis products. Using an online tolerance break chart or creating your own tolerance break chart may help you get through the days more easily.

How to Lower THC Tolerance

If you’re looking to lower your THC tolerance levels, a break is usually the best option. You should take at least a couple of days to stop consuming any products that are high in THC, which includes most cannabis products. If you still wish to feel some of the same effects, you could switch to CBD-based products like CBD gummies and oils. When it comes to CBD vs THC, CBD products may be able to meet your needs without the same risks.

How to Lower CBD Tolerance

If you want to lower your tolerance to CBD, you’ll need to take a break from CBD products like CBD gummies and CBD oil. You can also try looking for products that contain other cannabinoids instead at your local marijuana dispensary, but make sure to check that they aren’t high in CBD, as this will defeat the purpose. In general, you should also check that you’re taking the correct CBD dosage.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand more about tolerance. Be sure to contact us with any inquiries or additional questions you might have on this matter.