indica vs sativa vs hybrid

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid: What is the Difference?

Whether you are taking cannabis for recreational or medical purposes you are likely to come across the types of cannabis. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid are all terms you will need to get used to. They are effectively the two different types of cannabis plants, and then all of the different strains and hybrids that have branched off from these over the years. What is the Sativa and Indica difference? What should you be looking for when you visit a Torrance Dispensary?

We explore more in this article. There are different medicinal impacts and effects that the different strains can have on you. This can determine whether you prioritize THC vs CBD in your marijuana or look for strains that keep you alert or make you subdued and kill the pain.

Sativa in-Depth

Sativa PlantWhat are some key points about the Indica variety of marijuana?


This variety of cannabis tends to grow in warm parts of the world where there is a huge amount of sunlight, such as Central America and a lot of Asia.


They look thin and are taller than the Indica plants, actually, they often grow above 10 feet in height. The leaves are thin and the plants take longer to grow or mature than some of the other varieties. The high that is provided can often be a mental boost. These strains tend to reduce anxiety and can actually provide you with energy, contrary to some peoples’ stereotypes of marijuana.

Popular Strains

Popular strains include Panama Red and Durban Poison, named after parts of the world they can be traced to.

Indica in-Depth

Indica strainOrigin

Indica strains can be traced back to India, Turkey and the middle east, the plants tend to come from the rough area of Hindu Kush mountains.


They have wide and chunky leaves, the kind you would probably see on cannabis signs or imagery. They’re stocky and produce a lot of buds compared to other strains. They tend to be very relaxing, cause of the infamous “munchies”. This variety can help people to sleep and is good for nighttime use.

Popular Strains

There are some very famous strains including Afghan and Hindu Kush (from the Kush mountains) and Granddaddy Purple, thus called due to its Purple tint.

Hybrid in-Depth

Hybrid MarijuanaHybrids, as you might expect, are a combination of cross-bred marijuana plants. They can be grown as a way of trying to provide certain effects.


Hybrids are grown and manipulated by people looking to create a strain of marijuana to target some sort of symptoms or provide a certain effect. The origin could be a variety of different plants from a variety of locations.


As these are all modified and bred differently, the appearance and the way they impact your body and mind vary from strain to strain, but a lot of them are designed to reduce anxiety or depression.

Popular Strains

Some strains that have been made as a hybrid have become very popular. You may have heard of Pineapple Express or Blue Dream, two very popular strains with a good balance of effects. When looking into strains, you will see that they usually say whether they are Sativa or Indica dominant.

What is the Difference Between Indica, Sativa and Hybrid?

The Sativa and Indica difference is quite significant. Sativa can provide you with more of an alert and awake high, and provide focus when it could otherwise have been compromised by your marijuana. Indica tends to make you more drowsy and these can be used to lower your stress levels. They can also be used to help if you suffer from insomnia problems, and their painkilling effects are another bonus.

Sativa Indica hybrids are made as an attempt to take the good parts of two different strains and then provide a different level of THC or CBD that can help with different effects. Over time, cannabis has evolved via hybridizing and there are more strains than there have ever been before. When you go into a dispensary, you will be able to talk to the professionals about what type of marijuana could be best for the medical purposes needed.

This article has hopefully cleared up the difference between Indica, Sativa, and hybrid types of marijuana.

It’s important to get the right strain for you, otherwise, you may get side effects you don’t want such as feeling hungry or falling asleep when you need to stay awake. Hybrids are made to try and provide a new choice for medical and recreational marijuana users and tailor the experience to something you desire.