Wedding Cake Strain

What Kind Of Strain Is Wedding Cake And Why Is It So Popular?

One of the fascinating things about cannabis is that it’s available in literally hundreds of different strains. Each strain is unique, and cannabis connoisseurs enjoy discussing the distinctive tastes, aromas, and effects of each strain, with the so-called Wedding Cake strain being one of the most popular and talked-about varieties.

Just like the OG Kush strain back in the 90s and the Girl Scout Cookies strain back in the 2010s, Wedding Cake is seeing a huge surge in usage at the moment. But what strain is wedding cake? And why is wedding cake strain so popular? In this guide, we’ll go over all you need to know about Wedding Cake marijuana.

The History of Wedding Cake Strain

Let’s start off with some history and explore the origins of the Wedding Cake strain. Firstly, it’s important to note that you might also hear this strain referred to under a wide range of other names, including everything from Pink Cookies and Birthday Cake to Triangle Mints 23. But where does it come from and who created it?

Well, one of the interesting things about the Wedding Cake marijuana strain is that nobody really knows how it started. There’s no clear origin story for this strain, which might explain why it has so many names and why it’s so interesting for cannabis fans and enthusiasts to talk about.

There are a couple of different theories about how the strain was made. One story says that Wedding Cake marijuana is a cross between Cherry Pie (which is a potent Indica dominant hybrid strain), and GSC or Girl Scout Cookies. Another tale suggests that Wedding Cake is actually a variety of Triangle Mints, which was made by crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Mints.

So what strain is Wedding Cake really? It’s hard to say with any certainty. What we do know for sure is that it’s around a 60/40 Indica/Sativa split, and it’s a particularly pleasant strain to use with a distinctive appearance.

wedding cake marijuana

Effects and Characteristics

Next, let’s focus on some of the main characteristics associated with this popular cannabis strain:


From a visual perspective, it can be hard to tell certain strains apart. However, Wedding Cake does have some interesting aesthetic characteristics that help it stand out. Firstly, it has quite large and colorful flowers, with globular-like nuggets formed into a thick bud-like structure.

The leaves themselves are earthy in color and they almost seem to have a kind of white frosting on the outside, just like a wedding cake. Of course, this “frosting” is actually comprised of lots of trichomes.


The name “Wedding Cake” instantly evokes a certain kind of flavor, and many people try this strain for the first time expecting something sweet and delicious. In reality, while the Wedding Cake marijuana strain does have faint vanilla notes, it’s mainly dominated by a smoky, earthy flavor.


In regard to its aroma, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly smell like a real cake. Instead, it’s quite a flat and relatively simple smell, with a mixture of earthy and floral notes and a faint undertone of sweetness that is quite close to vanilla.

Why Is Wedding Cake Strain So Popular?

So, what makes Wedding Cake such a popular strain? Well, there are a few things that people really love about this strain:

  • Easy to Grow – One of the best things about Wedding Cake is how easy it is to grow. It can resist most of the usual dangers and works really well with popular growing techniques like the Sea of Green method.
  • High THC Content – The THC level with Wedding Cake is particularly high, which can appeal to users who want to get those distinctive THC-related effects and euphoric feelings.
  • Effects – Wedding Cake strain effects are one of the main reasons why people are drawn to this strain. It can be really effective at soothing issues like anxiety, depression, and stress, promoting positive and relaxing feelings.

Is Birthday Cake And Wedding Cake The Same Strain?

It depends on who you ask. Some experts say that Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake are the same thing, and both terms are often used interchangeably. Others say that Wedding Cake is a phenotype of Birthday Cake and others argue that the two are totally different. The best thing to do is speak with experts at your local Torrance cannabis dispensary to find out more.

wedding cake marijuana strain


How to Grow Wedding Cake?

Thanks to its strong genetics, Wedding Cake is pretty simple to grow. It can grow indoors and it grows short, so there’s no need for staking. It’s immune to most things like molds and pests, and as long you maintain consistent growing conditions, you should see flowers within around two months (if grown indoors). If you grow the plant outside, expect it to flower around October.

Wedding Cake Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

When it comes to Indica vs Sativa or Wedding Cake vs Kush, one of the main ways in which strains differ is in their effects. So, what can Wedding Cake actually do for you? Here are some of the effects it can have:

  • Nerves and Anxiety – Wedding Cake may help to soothe nerves and stresses related to anxiety or depression.
  • Euphoria – Like other high THC strains, Wedding Cake can trigger feelings of joy and euphoria in the user.
  • Creativity – Some users also report feeling much more creative and productive after using Wedding Cake.
  • Chronic Pain – This strain may help to soothe aches and pains throughout the body, helping those with chronic conditions.

We hope that this guide has covered all you need to know about Wedding Cake. Contact us to learn more about this strain and others.