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What is Live Resin: Uses and Benefits

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more cannabis products arriving on the market. Live resin is one of the most interesting new arrivals, and many cannabis enthusiasts are excited by this product. But what is live resin? How does live resin production work, and what are some of the benefits of this concentrate compared to others? This guide will tell you all you need to know.

What Is Live Resin?

Before we look at some of the uses and benefits of this concentrate, we’ll begin with a simple resin definition. So, what is live resin? Live resin is a kind of cannabis concentrate, just like budder, butter, crumble, and wax. The key factor that makes live resin unique, however, is the fact that it’s made from fresh frozen cannabis flower.

While other concentrates are dried and cured during their extraction processes, the live resin extraction process is very different. It simply involves freezing the cannabis plants at the time of harvest, putting them into a closed-loop system, and then exposing them to solvents that draw out the key natural compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes.

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Cured Resin VS Live Resin

We’ve seen a live resin definition, but what makes it different to cured resin? Well, the cured resin is made by drying and curing the plant material before extracting the key compounds. Live resin is made differently, as the plants are never dried or cured in any way.

Live Resin VS Rosin

Rosin is another concentrate that you might be familiar with, and it’s quite similar to live resin. They’re both made by freezing fresh cannabis plants and then extracting the trichomes and cannabinoids. However, rosin is made by using heat and pressure, while resin involves solvents.

Live Resin VS Distillate

Finally, we have distillate. Distillate is a pure form of cannabis oil made from refined resin. It gets rid of all the terpenes and any impurities from the plant matter, resulting in a mostly flavorless and odorless oil. In contrast, live resin has quite a strong smell and taste, thanks to the presence of terpenes.

Benefits of Live Resin

So, what makes live resin special compared to other concentrates, and what are some of the unique benefits associated with this particular product? Here are a few things that help live resin stand out:

  • Really Easy to Make – Growers and producers love live resin, as it’s quick and simple to make. It involves no lengthy drying or curing processes, as the plants are simply frozen and then put through an extraction process, so it’s very efficient.
  • Flavorful – Most concentrates contain only small amounts of terpenes, as the terpenes are damaged and destroyed during extraction. Live resin is different; it has lots of terpenes, giving it big flavors and strong aromas.
  • Potent – Since live resin preserves many of the terpenes from the original cannabis plant, it can actually be more potent than other concentrates, as the terpenes contribute to various therapeutic effects like pain relief.

Origins of Live Resin

These days, it’s relatively easy to find live resin in your local Torrance cannabis dispensary, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, this product didn’t even exist before 2013. It was then that cannabis grower William “Kind Bill” Fenger teamed up with Jason Emo to make a brand new kind of concentrate.

Kind Bill recognized that the technology that Jason was using was able to support flash-frozen cannabis extraction, and it could work to create a kind of concentrate that would have much stronger flavors and smells than the rest. The pair experimented with different strains and eventually had success, deciding to call their new invention ‘live resin’.

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How to Consume Live Resin

You might be wondering about how to smoke live resin or the best way to use it. Well, there are a few different methods available:

  • Dabbing – The most popular method for consuming live resin and other concentrates is dabbing. This involves using a dab rig, nail, and torch to heat the resin to very high temperatures and then inhale it.
  • Vaping – You can also choose to vape live resin with the aid of a dab pen or vape device that supports the use of concentrates. You’ll also need to buy some vape cartridges containing the resin.
  • Smoking – When it comes to how to smoke live resin, the only real option is to ‘top off’, which means to sprinkle a little of the resin on the top of your bowl or into a joint or blunt before smoking it.

How to Make Live Resin

The way in which live resin is made is simple: first, the plants are harvested and then immediately flash-frozen to keep them as fresh as possible and preserve their original taste and aroma. Then, the plants are put into tanks and exposed to solvents like butane or propane which help to draw out the cannabinoids and other natural compounds.


Live resin is one of the most interesting new concentrates to arrive on the cannabis scene in recent years, and a lot of people are understandably eager to give it a try. Contact us to learn more about live resin and the best ways to use it.