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Infused Pre-rolls: What Are They and How to Make One

The cannabis flower is used to make so many different products these days that it can be hard to keep up! You might have heard about infused pre-rolls, for example, and maybe had a few questions, like “What is an infused pre-roll?” “How to smoke a pre-roll?” Well, this guide is here to help, covering all you need to know on the topic of infused pre-rolls.

What Is a Pre-roll?

Let’s kick off with the basics. What is a pre-roll? Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory here. A pre-roll, as you may have guessed, is a joint that has been made-up and rolled for you to save some time and make smoking simpler and more convenient.

What Is an Infused Pre-roll?

An infused pre-roll is just like a pre-roll but with one big difference. An infused pre-roll isn’t just rolled up for you. It’s also infused with cannabis concentrates that have been either rolled inside the joint, on the paper, or both.

Benefits of Infused Pre-rolls

  • Controlled dosage: The dosage of concentrates applied to each pre-roll is carefully and precisely measured out, so you know exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming with each one. This makes it much easier to track your daily dosage compared to rolling or infusing your own joints.
  • Enhanced flavor and aroma: The presence of concentrates like kief on infused pre-rolls can also add to their taste and smell. Often, infused pre-rolls are more pleasant and interesting to smoke, with a range of extra layers to enjoy on each and every drag.
  • Potential health benefits: It’s also possible that infused pre-rolls may provide a range of health benefits. Potent cannabis concentrates could be able to ease pain, soothe stress, and so on. So, smoking an infused pre-roll could allow you to enjoy those advantages.

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What Are the Types of Infused Pre-rolls?

There are lots of different types of infused pre-rolls you can find and purchase at your local Torrance cannabis dispensary, including:

Hash infused pre-rolls

These pre-rolls are made with hash, a resin that can be extracted from cannabis plant trichomes to make them more flavorful.

Kief infused pre-rolls

Kief is the name for loose trichomes that fall away from dry marijuana flower. They’re useful for packing into pre-rolls.

Moon Rocks Pre-rolls

Moon rocks are cannabis buds that have been dipped into kief or concentrates, making them look like little pieces of the moon.

Diamond Pre-Rolls

Diamond pre-rolls are infused with the help of diamonds, a specific type of crystalline concentrate, famed for its purity and potency.

Wax infused pre-rolls

It’s also possible to mix in wax, one of the most accessible and powerful concentrates, to pre-rolls too.

Concentrate Vs.Terpene Infused Pre-roll

We can divide infused pre-rolls into two distinct categories: concentrate-infused and terpene infused.

Concentrate infused rolls feature various concentrates mixed in with the paper or the dried flower inside the joint. Examples of these concentrates include wax, shatter, and oil. These are a great choice of pre-rolls to choose if you want to experience more notable, powerful, and potent effects when smoking a joint.

Terpene infused rolls, meanwhile, are made with terpenes, which are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis (and other plants) its distinctive smell. Terpenes aren’t as potent as concentrates but can still produce certain effects and benefits for the user, and they definitely help to make joints with bigger and bolder smells and tastes. Contact us to learn more.

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How Is an Infused Pre-roll Made: Step-by-Step Guide

There are three basic steps involved in making an infused pre-roll:

  1. The first step is to grind up the flower and spread it across the rolling paper.
  2. Next, the paper needs to be rolled and the flower packed inside.
  3. Finally, the concentrate needs to be added. This can be done via dipping, spraying, or rolling the joint in the extract.

How to Smoke a Pre-roll

Smoking a pre-roll is just like smoking any other joint. So, if you know the basics of joint-smoking, you’ll already know how to smoke a pre-roll. All you have to do is remove the roll from its container, light it up, put the end in your mouth, and inhale slowly.

Legality and Regulations for Using Pre-rolls

As with any other kind of cannabis product, it’s important to use pre-rolls responsibly and legally. Make sure to check local laws and regulations in your area and ensure you only use these kinds of cannabis products in accordance with the law. Check age restrictions and usage guidelines, and always read the label to learn more about each product and its potency before you start using it.

All in all, pre-rolls are an exciting and welcome addition to the ever-expanding catalog of cannabis products. They’re fun to try for those who want to experience joints differently, with deeper flavors and richer aromas, and without the hassle of rolling them up.