blue dream cannabis strain

5 Facts You Need to Know about Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you enjoy your favorite strain of cannabis for its great taste, aroma, and high. Growers all over the world work effortlessly to supply you with the perfect combination. Lucky for us, here in the United States, California is among the world-class areas for growing some of the highest quality marijuana strains.

In 1996, California was the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Since then, well-known for its love of weed, the sun and surf state has produced a wide variety of intensely popular marijuana strains. One of the fan-favorites for both recreational uses of cannabis and medical use is Blue Dream cannabis. Here are five awesome facts about this well-loved bud. You can find Blue Dream in any Marijuana Dispensary.

Where is Blue Dream Cannabis Strain From?

It is about this unique strain is the ongoing speculation about where the original hybrid was created. One of the most common beliefs is this much-loved variety of weed was developed in Santa Cruz, California for its medicinal qualities. This is supported by its widely popular following by medical marijuana users.

Although its origin is questionable, Blue Dream Cannabis’s satisfying high is not! This blend will ease you from focused and energized, to a relaxed, mellow calm. With a high that is both energizing and calming, this strain could be either Sativa or Indica dominant. Some say it’s one, and some say it’s the other. So, another often asked question is what strain is Blue Dream, really?

What Strain is Blue Dream?

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain There are several common answers to the mystery of what strain is Blue Dream. This brings us to this fact. It’s most often referred to as a Sativa dominant strain.

In general, Blue Dream is more accurately described as a Sativa and Indica balanced hybrid.

Blue Dream’s main terpene is Myrcene.

The reason for the different labels is due to variations in the marijuana plants that a Blue Dream strain is cultivated from.

Differences in marijuana strains, including whether they lean towards Sativa or Indica, can be caused by fluctuations in the environment that the plants were grown.

This is the phenotype of the plant. Phenotypes are variations in plants due to environmental issues. Deviations in temperature, sunshine, nutrients in the soil, and other factors can cause the plant to become slightly Sativa or Indica dominant. Dominance in the strain either one way or the other can cause your high to be more energizing or relaxing.

Blue Dream’s THC Levels

Blue Dream cannabis is an excellent choice for all users, from beginners to seasoned experts. With a mid-range THC level of 17 to 25 percent, the high is active but won’t cause you to feel heavy or fogged over. Blue Dream’s popularity comes from its amazingly balanced high. It’s a tasty hybrid between Blueberry (Indica) and Haze (Sativa).

This cannabis beauty exudes a smooth blueberry or grape-like essence. Blue Dream is a nice dessert-like smoke for after dinner or a sweet afternoon treat.

Blue Dream’s Effects

Blue Dream effects are just like its name, dreamy. At the onset, you’ll feel energized, focused, and inspired. This is a great time to work on any creative projects or just let your mind freely wander. As your high builds, you’ll glide towards euphoric happiness. As this slowly fades, you’ll slide into a calm that flows through your mind, body, and soul. A high that rides like a sweet dream.

Recreational or Medical?

Due to its many healing qualities, Blue Dream cannabis is a favorite for medical marijuana use. As a medicinal, this soothing strain can help relieve chronic pain, nausea, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. To get the incredible therapeutic effects of these flavorful buds, they can be consumed in a variety of ways. Smoking it will get you the quickest high. If smoking isn’t your thing, look for it as an oil for your vape device. You can also enjoy the benefits of Blue Dream in cannabis edibles.

When using marijuana, knowledge about the substance is essential. For newbie users, a dispensary is a great place to get all the facts about cannabis. You can learn about the various strains of marijuana, their effects, and the different ways to consume the substance, safely and effectively.