How to Take CBD

How to Take CBD: Best Ways, Advantages & Disadvantages

If you are thinking of taking advantage of everything Cannabidiol (CBD) can offer you, it helps to know-how. The advantages and disadvantages of the different methods are good to know. Some methods are better for some than others. You will not know which is best for you until you try.

Here we will look at the different CBD delivery methods. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method. This will help you to decide where you would like to begin. If you are already using CBD, you may discover a new method to try. Keep an open mind to get more out of this information.

What are the Best Ways to Take CBD?

How to Take CBD

Methods for Vaping CBD

Many people enjoy using a vape pen for CBD. This method is preferred by those looking for how to take CBD with them everywhere. There are several devices available on the market for enjoying CBD by vaping it. This can be done through a pen with a cartridge as well as a vaporizer. Devices for vaping can be found practically anywhere as well as purchased online.

  • Advantages – Pens can be used almost anywhere because they produce little to no smoke. Those who enjoy large plumes can purchase rigs with this ability. Vaping can be easy to use. They can be customized depending on the experience you prefer. It is possible to enjoy different flavors to make vaping CBD even more enjoyable and less obvious.
  • Disadvantages – There may be health risks involved with vaping. Additional research is needed to find cartridge delivery systems that are deemed safe. Customizable rigs may be confusing to casual users.

Convenient Edible Forms of CBD

There are plenty of edibles on the market that contain CBD. Among the most popular forms is CBD gummies. Simply chew the edibles as you would most snacks and you will feel the effects after it has been digested.

The THC will pass through your life and digestive tract into your bloodstream. In addition to purchasing CBD edibles, it is possible for those with a penchant for baking to make their own treats. Plenty of recipes online exist for making your own CBD edibles.

  • Advantages – You can carry edibles with you anywhere. They look like regular snacks, so they will not arouse suspicion. The different flavors and types of edibles offer you a wide variety. The flavor of CBD is masked by the other ingredients. The effects will last longer.
  • Disadvantages – It can take upwards of 45 minutes after eating CBD edibles for it to take effect. The “first-pass effect” in the liver and digestive tract reduces the amount of CBD your body will absorb. Edibles lose their potency over time. Some edibles may require refrigeration.

Take CBD

Enjoying CBD Gummies Anytime

One of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD is in the form of a gummy. These can take the format of popular candies you already enjoy. Such shapes as gummy bears and peach rings are very popular ways to enjoy consuming CBD.

  • Advantages – There are so many delicious flavors of CBD gummies available. It is even possible for you to find gummies in a variety pack of flavors so you will not become bored with them. They are easy to carry, so you can take them with you everywhere you go for discrete consumption.
  • Disadvantages – As with any edible, the biggest disadvantage of CBD gummies is the length of time required for them to take effect. You will need to keep track of when the last CBD gummy may be wearing off so you can consume another in time. It can take over 45 minutes for you to feel the effects of CBD when consumed in this manner.

Using Topical Solutions with CBD

Lotions and creams are available on the market with CBD infused. This convenient format is available for you to simply slip into your pocket or purse and take with you anywhere. Those who require lotions for dry skin will find this format especially effective. You can even add CBD oil to your favorite lotions to get that additional boost.

  • Advantages – Rubbing lotion on your body feels great and is a discrete way to get CBD into your system. Since it is in the form of a lotion, no one will give a second thought to whether CBD is an ingredient or not. Highly portable and easy to use, it is valued by many who use CBD to treat skin conditions.
  • Disadvantages – Topical CBD has the lowest bioavailability of all the different consumption methods. With the ability to absorb less than 5% of the CBD, it is the least effective way to feel the effects of CBD internally. For anything other than skin conditions being treated directly, topical CBD is not going to offer the results you’re looking for.

how to take cbd oil

How to Take CBD Capsules

One of the most reliable methods for taking CBD is in the form of capsules. Simply take the pill with a glass of water at regular intervals for effects that last throughout the day. You are able to purchase the capsules in different levels of CBD to suit your needs.

  • Advantages – Carrying CBD capsules with you can be discreet and protects the potency levels. No additional calories or flavors will be encountered when taking CBD in this method. Once your dosage levels have been established, this is an easy way to maintain them without any measuring required on your part.
  • Disadvantages – One of the problems with how to take CBD capsules is with the manufacturers. It is necessary to know the difference between an isolate and a full spectrum. It is also important to do your research. The producer of a capsule should test them for potency and effectiveness.

Utilizing Oils for Food

CBD can be suspended in oil. This is one of the most preferred methods to purchase CBD. If you are wondering how to take CBD oil, the answer is almost limitless. You can take it directly, as a tincture, or it can be added to other things you ingest. It is common to add oil to dressings or even directly when cooking. By adding the oil to your food, it is possible to further mask the flavor of CBD.

  • Advantages – This is a fun way to change up how to take CBD. The methods for how to take CBD oil are only limited by your imagination. The taste of the food you pair the oil with can make using CBD very enjoyable. It is possible to stretch out the CBD in a manner that is possible for you to share with friends.
  • Disadvantages – It can be hard to control dosage when adding to your food. When sharing a dish, your dosage could be off. When preparing something you enjoy eating, it is possible to take in more CBD than intended. Ingesting CBD makes it take longer for it to enter your bloodstream.

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Lotions and Topical Solutions

Rubbing CBD into your skin is another popular method for delivery. This is in the form of lotions and topical solutions. It is possible to purchase lotions from different providers as well as it is to add oil to your favorite lotions. This way, you can carry lotion with you wherever you go and apply it as needed. It can also be in the form of balms and salves for use on different parts of your body. Much like when looking at how to take CBD tinctures, your skin absorbs the lotion and CBD along with it.

  • Advantages – It is possible to find topical applications that do more than what CBD may offer. There is no need to measure the dosage of CBD when using this method. The application method is simple utilizing your hands and no additional tools or accessories. It is a simple method for everyone to do regardless of past history with CBD. Topical solutions can be applied to any part of the body.
  • Disadvantages – Unlike sublingual methods, skin absorption of CBD is not very effective. You will require a stronger concentration in the topical solution to get desired effects. Additionally, the effects you do experience through this method will not be long-lasting.

Your preference for using CBD may take many forms. It is possible to use various methods to keep things from getting boring. These methods offer you a great overview of how to take advantage of this amazing compound. Try one, or try them all.  The experts in this Torrance dispensary are always ready to help with your cannabis needs. This way, you will have a better idea of which you like best. This may depend on your tastes or the way CBD makes you feel. Just remember to play with the dosage until you find exactly what works best for you.